Get your lifestyle prescription.

What is a Lifestyle Prescription Program?

Lifestyle Prescription Programs are essentially the 'how to' in adopting lifestyle changes that instill sustainable, everyday application of whole food plant-based nutrition, moving more, sleeping more, loving more and stressing less. The only side effects are good ones. 


Learn how to be a steward of your body.

How are you eating? Are you sleeping enough? Are you physically active? Do you have the right social connections and emotional resilience that you need? Do you know thyself?


Learn how to care for your human frame, while making it a lifestyle of conscious choice to nourish your body to not only operate at its optimum level, but to also cultivate a mindset of ease and clarity.


Know your purpose, know your why.

• What are you committed to?
• What do you stand for?
• Who do you want to be?
• What do you want to create for you and your life?

When we know our WHY, everything is possible.

Foundation Training

Foundation Training

Who wants to feel healthy and strong everyday? Foundation Training is an innovative body alignment exercise solution to optimize the way you move and correct imbalances caused by our modern sedentary habits. No longer live with daily chronic pain! 

Power Yoga

Power Yoga

Dr. Queler is a certified instructor of Power Yoga & has been a practitioner since 1996. True wellness is the very objective of a yoga practice while its intention is to heal yourself gently with love and care. The meditation in motion of Power Yoga is a safe environment to practice the empowerment of choosing (ie., Timshel) to approach fitness as a lifestyle. However, in order for wellness to exist, it needs to be a lifestyle of healthy choices. Come be aware of what you are feeling, as you move through the wisdom of these eastern calisthenics, and transform them into self-nurturing Yoga poses.

Want to get started immediately? Learn more about my Medically Supervised Fasting Mimicking Diet program and jump start your health journey today.

The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.  - Thomas Edison